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Partner Program Overview

A powerful tool which we can use together to achieve results towards a common goal.

ServisKEY relies on the collaboration of consumers and suppliers to bring posted projects to a successful completion. One of the fundamental requirements for this success is diversity. Consumer diversity to span the various market segments serviced by suppliers (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.), and supplier diversity to cover the wide range of services required for some projects.

To support these efforts, the ServisKEY Partner Program has been established to provide suppliers the opportunity to reach out to consumers and/or related downstream suppliers and to connect on a level outside the project invitation system of communication.

The Partner Program is a framework designed to meet the needs of partners that interact with various consumer markets, in multiple ways. We have streamlined our program to provide unified access to partners ranging from contractors dealing with homeowners to commercial project or property managers. An approach which demonstrates a tremendous opportunity for all partners.


Branding & Customer Retention

Whichever category and consumer base you fit in, or if you encompass both the consumer and supplier end in a market segment of construction or services, there is an opportunity to increase your exposure and benefit with our partner program.

It's All About The Customer ... And You. SAMPLE COUPON
  Please sign in to your supplier account for full details and to learn more about this unique opportunity and how it can benefit your business!


To register for the Partner Program an active and verified supplier profile is required1. Your profile must be complete and maintained up to date including operational licensing, a profile logo and custom link. A partner logo for branding purposes is required with your submission2.

Once your supplier profile is online, return to this page or follow the link from your supplier settings screen to request participation in our partner program. Any supplier category/area exclusivity where applicable is provided on a first come basis.

1 There are no fees associated with supplier account creation or partner program activity. Participation in project responses is not required for partner program inclusion.
2 This can be a copy of your profile (company) logo. Your branding logo will display on the top right of full navigation pages and will link to your online ServisKEY profile.


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