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National ServisKEY was created to simplify the process of connecting consumers with local contractors and services for construction, maintenance, service and repair needs. To assist consumers by improving the supplier search and connect experience, to enhance the online presence and expand market reach for suppliers and redefine the way they do business online.

"ServisKEY is the product of our 25 years individual experience in the service sector as project managers and contractors, designed with a solid understanding of what matters and appeals to both consumers and suppliers across established market sectors."

Mike Drinovac, President & Founder     ServisKEY Network, Inc. (Mississauga, Ontario + Louisville, Kentucky)


"I really liked the supplier search wizard when entering my project, pretty cool."
Joanne H.   Houston, TX

"Manual control over supplier category selection is great, as a project manager - a big plus."
Mark B.   Pittsburgh, PA

"Clean screen, navigated my way around no problem. Thank you."
Patrick I.   Orlando, FL

"First time I ever heard of free banner ads! I never bothered with web ads before."
John C.   Phoenix, AZ

"Simply love the timesheet App!"
Michelle C.   Chicago, IL

For Consumers, account creation and project submission are a few easy steps, while maintaining a comfortable level of privacy. Project submission is streamlined giving you the needed flexibility to fine tune all your requirements for larger or more complex projects including uploading and linking project documents, and the speed and convenience desired for those smaller repairs and services.

Submission of project notifications (email alerts) is automatic and free1, with a good probability that the first suppliers responding are momentarily slow or between projects and would welcome the additional work.

One central projects screen (portal) provides graphical summaries of all project activity in real time, putting you in full control. You decide which suppliers you need, when to transmit an invitation, which ones to communicate with - and of course ultimately hire.


For Contractors and Service Providers the process is equally simple. There are no pre-screen account restrictions - account creation is as involved as running an ad in the local paper - but with no setup fees, recurring account fees, in-activity fees2. Supplier commitment is almost equivalent to answering the phone when a customer is calling.

As contractors we understand that the last thing anyone needs is additional administrative tasks and overhead. We know there are slow days when new work would be welcome, and busy days when additional work is nothing but a bother. For this you have full control of notifications and more with your account settings. Turn project notification on or off, narrow your services criteria to target markets and sectors you specialize in or have a preference for, even run seasonal promotions at no charge.

Perhaps most importantly - you pay only when you wish to connect with a consumer to pursue a project2. There are no pressuring sales calls or emails from us, no surprise fees or hidden costs. Your participation in these project responses is entirely optional and does not in any way impact your free listing or other services offered.

Ratings & Reviews

To maintain a level of trust and service, a rating and review system is in place which applies to both account types. All project participants are provided the opportunity to submit feedback for each other upon project completion. Written reviews and Rating scores are not published until all parties involved on any one project have submitted.

Invitation System

In place of consumers searching our database for suppliers, and suppliers searching for available projects - an automated process is in place with an invitation algorithm to connect consumers with the most appropriate suppliers, and in turn invite (notify) suppliers directly of these new projects.

Suppliers are ranked for each project invitation3 using the following base parameters in ranking criteria:
  • Service Priority - when a project requires service B, suppliers specialized in service B will rank ahead of suppliers listed as providing services primarily for A but also include B, followed by those providing a wider range A, B, C, D ...
  • Service Proximity - if a project is located in area B, suppliers servicing and located in area B will rank ahead of suppliers also servicing area B but located in area A, or C ...
  • Satisfaction Rating - applied using weighted averages. A greater rating count will put more emphasis on the suppliers' rating value while not penalizing newer (unrated) accounts.

The above are some basic examples comprising one part of a formula and are by no means the entire story. Numerous other considerations are factored in, including availability. We continually compile aggregate data on supplier responses based on location and category. If project responses for snow removal in area B are significantly lower than responses from other contractor categories, the number of invited snow removal contractors per project in area B will increase as that services segment is deemed to be busy at the moment.

The purpose of the invitation system and algorithm is to provide an efficient connect process for both consumer and supplier. We recognize that it is of no benefit to anyone (not to mention frustrating and confusing to consumers) when excessive responses are received for any one project, with the added possibility of some suppliers dramatically under-bidding or responding in service areas they normally may not represent.

1 Residential / homeowner project submissions are always free. Nominal fees may apply for some commercial and other project types.
2 Connect (dialog) fees may apply. The supplier fee structure is based on use, pay only when you wish to connect with a consumer and pursue a posted project. Please navigate to Supplier accounts for full details.
3 Based on the results of an automated project invitation algorithm, an invitation is sent to a predetermined number of active suppliers for each required service category. Those invited are offered a 48hr window to submit their response after which time the project response will become available to other qualified & interested suppliers.

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