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Contractor / Service Provider Accounts

National ServisKEY is a projects portal enabling consumers to publish their construction, renovation, or general service requirement projects online and connect directly with local contractors and service professionals. A fully automated invitation system to match consumers with contractors and services based on location and project requirements.
  Connect with consumers in your service market ... when they need you most.
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Why list your services?

Whether your business is relatively new and you're not all that eager to start cold calling or paying for on-line ads hoping someone will notice, or you've been around for a while but would still welcome a new avenue of growth ... sometimes you may need just enough to get through a cyclical slow-down. How about simply receiving an email notification that a project has been posted in your area requiring your services and/or goods, viewing details and deciding whether it's of interest and responding.

Create your profile and get started on the fastest growing consumer service network and supplier search system. 
Listing Options:


Unlimited service areas, up to 12 service categories
Full online supplier search inclusion
Customized online profile c/w logo
Public profile link using your company name
Services showcase/portfolio with images
Unlimited project notifications and detail viewing
Full control - target / toggle your project notifications
Charting and performance analysis of profile activity
QConnect - direct consumer email access to you
L2/L3 Reviews - review filtering and management
Complementary banner advertising - yes, you read it right! 1
Project management and online timesheets 2
Invitation only projects - limit your competition 3
Multiple accounts - create group access for one profile
1 Multiple banner ads can be maintained and tracked, limit one active banner ad per listing at any one time.
2 Full project management and online timesheets are included for up to 15 employee records. A separate subscription is required for additional records.
3 An automated project invitation algorithm is applied for optimum supplier selection. Invited suppliers are provided a 48hr window to submit a response after which time open projects can be responded to by other interested and qualified suppliers.

So which listing option is right for you, what are the costs?

We've greatly improved the listing fee schedule in an effort to make it easier to understand ... we got rid of it! List your online profile and get all account options under PRO at absolutely no cost or obligation! No setup fees, no recurring or hidden account fees, no listing expiry. No special pre-screening requirements either - we'll just let your qualifications and projects speak for you.4

Feeling a little skeptical right about now?

Yes there are premium services and these carry fees - project response fees. Not project notification, viewing, or even access fees (all are unlimited), but response fees. Respond only to the projects you are interested in, or even have time for depending on your current business activity, and pay $10 - $22 per project based on your service category and area.

Not all that bad considering a single project response could potentially lead to thousands in revenue. And perhaps most importantly - only invited suppliers can respond3. Your competition is limited to a handful of suppliers with services or goods comparable to yours. We'll even credit your account with $25, try a project response and connect on us! 5

Your participation in project responses is optional and not required to maintain a free listing (the no obligation part), and we certainly won't bother you with emails or assign an account representative to try and pressure you into action should you be busy elsewhere. It's entirely up to you. You can even toggle project notification on/off depending on your current business activity.

Worried about reviews and your reputation online?

We understand, we were contractors too for over 20 years. We know it can be next to impossible to absolutely please everyone and the significant impact, both positive and negative, an online review can have on your business. A multi-tier review system is in place with the highest level reserved to registered consumers that request your services and you in turn accept through this sites projects portal, and as an added measure we've incorporated review filtering for lower level reviews (we like to think of this review system as a first).

4 Any applicable licensing and other operational qualifications are required to be submitted online with your profile for active listing on ServisKEY.
5 Promotional credits are offered for new account activations only for a limited time and may vary in conjunction with other partner promotions.

Click here for a brief overview of the project response process, or register now to get started.
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