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A comprehensive connect and bid system. Get notification and view a list of all projects in your area(s) of operation, that fit your criteria. Respond to the project listings you choose.

  1.Receive. Get email notifications* when:
  • A new project is submitted in your geographical area of service.
  • Project requires the specific services / goods you provide.

Worried about receiving too little or too many notifications? Change your project criteria or block /unblock notifications as often as needed. You are always entitled to unlimited, free notifications. * The amount of supplier invitations transmitted for any one project is limited by area and service category - you will be competing with at most a handful of similar contractors in your area.

  2.Select. View and filter project submissions:
  • View details of all projects that meet your criteria.
  • Most projects will include point-form details, general location, and other relevant specifics.
  • In many cases an approximate project value / budget will be included.
  3.Connect. Respond to submissions:
  • Respond to projects that meet your criteria*, open a dialog with your potential customer.
  • Get more details, contact information, arrange a site visit.
  • For simple or well explained projects - save time and submit your proposal online.

* Connect fees apply for projects ($2 per initial response, an average of $15 deducted from your account credit when a consumer responds back, in most cases requesting your services). Fees will vary dependant on service area and category, full fee details are accessible from within the supplier settings screen upon login. These fees only apply should you decide to pursue a project.

  4.Proceed. Once a customer selects your company:
  • Arrange site inspection if needed, finalize costs, set start date.
  • Enter into an agreement, or sign contract with your customer.

Contractual and payment agreements / obligations are outside the scope of ServisKEY's function.

  5.Complete. Project closed:
  • Upon completion of all work, your customer will close the project.
  • You will receive notification once the project is closed.
  • Leave your rating and review.
Ratings will not display until all parties involved in a project have submitted their feedback. Should a customer fail to leave feedback within a set period of days, their ability to do so will expire and all ratings submitted for that project will display.
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  Thorpe Heating & Cooling | HVAC Contractors in Lakeland, Florida

BCI Mechanical, Inc. | Mechanical Contractors in Denton, Texas

Crestline Refrigeration | HVAC Contractors in Hesperia, California

Cooper Plastering, Inc. | Drywall Contractors in Tyler, Texas

Canto Tile & Stone | Interior Finishes Contractors in Riverview, Florida

Anderson Brothers Steamatic | Cleaning Services in Forest Hills, Michigan

American Ultraviolet Co. | HVAC Contractors in Torrance, California

Tiger-Vac International | HVAC Contractors in Laval, Quebec

Priority Sign, Inc. | Sign Installation Contractors in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Thermatech Heating And Air Conditioning | HVAC Contractors in San Jose, California


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