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Support reference for Consumer :: Account

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Support Consumer :: Account
What are the requirements or costs for consumer accounts?
None. You simply need to have a project or service request you wish to confidentially publish online and locate suppliers for. In order for your account to become and remain active, accurate information including a verifiable email address is required. Credit card information is not required to create an account. Some project types (commercial, industrial, ..), and project options (document, image uploading) may carry nominal publication fees, residential projects are always free.
Can I create more then one account?
No, one account per user/customer is permitted. If you operate a business that would benefit from a free supplier listing on ServisKEY, you need to "attach" supplier account access to your existing consumer account. To do this simply click on the "Supplier Account" link usually located on one of the main navigation panes dependent on your browser and screen size. The new supplier account will then be added to your master account where your current consumer account resides. This will give you integrated access to your 2 account types, while maintaining full activity separation on the projects portal.
What are consumer group accounts and how do they work?
Group accounts allow the addition of supplemental users to your consumer profile. This gives others in your organization (or household) their own personal access and profile to a common consumer listing. Prior to adding users to your group please review the following carefully:

Accounts and Access Levels
New users must be invited by you through the "add users" form on the group accounts screen. Access levels can be assigned as administrative or active. With administrative privileges users will have full access to all common functions for your profile, including the ability to re-assign access levels and add / remove accounts - including yours! This access level should be provided to partners, senior managers, or of course other adult members of your household. Active access will provide full access to project submissions only, including information editing and customization of users' personal online profile (ideal for external project managers).
Project Submission
Projects are submitted and maintained individually by users, group access privileges to any one project are not available through this function.
Ratings and Reviews
Rating values are displayed as group averages for all users in a group. Written reviews are displayed for the individual, and may be supplemented with reviews from other group members.
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