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Support reference for Supplier :: Account

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Support Supplier :: Account
What are the requirements and costs for supplier accounts?
For a supplier account you are required to, simply, be a supplier. Suppliers can be companies or individuals who provide services and/or products as a contractor or any other form of service provider. It is required, as per our user agreement, that all information you provide for your account be accurate including a verifiable email address. Credit card information is not required to create an account.

Your supplier account includes a free, no obligation, listing on the ServisKEY network c/w with other features such as no cost banner advertising, custom profile links, and online timesheet and project management.

Project responses are a premium service provided by this site. A connect fee will apply should you wish to pursue a consumer project that has appeared on your portal screen or for which you received an email notification.

Connect fees are applied one time per project, and will vary depending on the service category you are responding for. To view your connect fees, and past account activity, click on the calculator icon located next to your account balance on the supplier settings screen.

Connect fees are comprised of two parts - your initial response (usually a flat fee of about $2), and a consumer response back (a variable fee based on service category). A consumer response back generally indicates an interest by the consumer in your services for their project.
Can I create more then one account?
No. Only one master account per user/entity is permitted. With this account you can cover all the aspects of the service types you provide, including service areas. If you require a consumer account, be it for your own personal purposes or should you need to source other suppliers as subcontractors, you can add consumer access to your master account by clicking the "consumer" link normally located on the very top navigation bar, or from within your account settings screen (please see Group Accounts within this section for information on adding multiple users to one listing).
What are the best practices for maintaining a good online profile
  A: Five steps to an optimum online profile:
  1. Upload your Logo. If a picture is worth a thousand words - a company logo displayed with your profile can be worth much more. Please make certain the image you upload is of good quality.
  2. Set a Custom Profile Link. Be more then a numbered and coded profile on ServisKEY - set a custom link to your profile using your company name.
  3. Generate Profile Popularity. ServisKEY tracks listing popularity metrics. Although not as critical as consumer ratings and feedback, it does help provide indication to a company's consumer reach and acceptance. Two methods are used to compile this value; Manual: users can click the recommend button when viewing the ratings screen for your profile, Automatic: each time your profile is loaded via a link from outside the ServisKEY web site your popularity count will increase by one. Regardless of method each unique user is limited to 1 vote. Automatic popularity count will apply only if a custom link to your profile is clicked from outside the ServisKEY web site by a visitor who has not already recommended your company1.
  4. Advertise. Take advantage of our FREE banner advertising. Even if you don't have a current seasonal special or sale, promote some unique aspect of your services that you feel might appeal to consumers. Not only will your ad get exposure across our network, consumers can also search promotional ads directly which can provide you with another means of being seen. Make your ad appeal to consumers, use text that will catch their attention - don't create a one line business card.
  5. Company Overview. Submit some text and images describing your business and services. Consumers like to see more than just a name and contact/operational data.

Although ServisKEY uses automated invitation algorithms to connect consumers with suppliers whenever a project is posted, when you do respond to a posting one of the first things a consumer will do is view your online profile. What they see there can be the single greatest factor in deciding whether they become your customer.

You can find links to access all the above from your supplier settings screen.
1 To help minimize erroneous input that can sometimes be generated by search engine robots and similar automated web crawlers, an external custom link to your profile must be used for this value to increment.

What are group accounts and how do they work?
Group accounts allow the addition of supplemental users to your services profile. This gives others in your organization their own personal access and profile to a common services listing. Prior to adding users to your group please review the following carefully:

Accounts and Access Levels
New users must be invited by you through the "add users" form on the group accounts screen. Access levels can be assigned as administrative or active. With administrative privileges users will have full access to all common functions for your listing, including the ability to re-assign access levels and add / remove accounts - including yours! This access level should be provided to partners and senior managers only. Active access will provide full access to project responses only, including of course information editing and customization of personal online profiles (ideal for sales or third party users).
Project Responses
Project invitations are sent to all users from a group and are treated as a single invitation to the group, or rather supplier. However, only one user can respond on behalf of the group and all interaction for that project is limited to the first responding user.
Listing Order
For display on search results one account is always set as primary and will display as such, with all other accounts in the group showing immediately below as alternate contacts. Primary account designation can be changed from the administrative group screen.
Ratings and Reviews
Rating values are displayed as group averages for all users in a group. Written reviews are displayed for the individual, and may be supplemented with reviews from other group members.
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