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Support reference for Supplier :: Settings

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Support Supplier :: Settings
How does the banner ad system work?
  A: As a ServisKEY supplier you are provided the opportunity to advertise any current promotions your company may have to all ServisKEY consumer members and visitors in your geographical area of service. You can create and run a banner ad at no charge for a set period of days, after which time you must reset your ad, and preferably change the wording or promotion entirely in an effort to keep it fresh. Basic view and hit statistics are provided. Consumers can click on your ad directly and request additional information from you.

One ad per supplier is permitted, ads will circulate in consecutive order across the entire ServisKEY web site including consumer member account and portal screens. Your ad is linked to your profile where consumers can get additional information about your company and services. Standard project connect fees may apply should consumers use the projects portal to request additional information from you regarding your ad.

Your account must be active and remain in good standing for your ad to run, and you need to maintain a set minimum overall satisfaction rating (in some cases new suppliers with no current ratings may be permitted to run promotional ads).

Ad Guidelines:
  • You may simply highlight your services to gain added exposure on this network, however for greater effectiveness try and provide a promotional offer. Consumers searching promotions are doing so to find an incentive.
  • Always remember to spell check your ad for typos prior to submitting.
  • Do NOT include your phone number in the ad, or a cryptic indication of your email / web site. Consumers are less likely to click on such ads, and should they decide to do so with the desire to contact you directly - all your contact information is readily available on your profile page, including a link to your web site.
  • Do NOT use all UPPERCASE or bold letters in your ad - you are shouting at your potential customer.
Facebook and Twitter:

In an effort to help expand your consumer reach ServisKEY may feature your ad on Facebook and Twitter. Consideration for this inclusion is conducted on an ad-by-ad basis and it may take a few days for your ad to be reviewed and uploaded. Once your ad has been uploaded a Facebook and Twitter icon will display next to your ad. We will consider only those ads providing genuine discounts and savings to consumers on services and/or products normally supplied by you, including full adherence to the above ad guidelines. Inclusion on Facebook and Twitter is at ServisKEY's sole discretion. Once your ad is published to third party media, modifications and ad rotation will be blocked for a period of 30 days from publish date.

This service is provided to you at no charge as an added means of promoting your company and services. ServisKEY reserves the right to censor or remove ads entirely at its sole discretion, without warning or notice.
What do the ad (content) rating numbers mean?
  A: Ads are rated for content, specifically for the value and direct savings offered to consumers. Ads that offer some form of savings or monetary incentive will always rate higher than those that do not. Remember, when consumers search ads - they are looking for immediate savings, not an abbreviated version of the services you offer. Ads that simply promote a business or service are permitted, however they will rate lower than those that offer some form of savings. Ratings are as follows:
  • (1) High. Well worded ads with clear savings incentive (Spring clear out - first time customers save 10% on orders over $100).
  • (2) Medium. Well worded with vague savings incentive (Let us show you the way to significant savings on your next renovation).
  • (3) Low. Ads with no real offer of savings to consumers (We are the best at what we do because nobody else can do it better).
  • (4) Very low. Ads that contain contact information (your ad is linked to your profile, with all the contact information consumers could need).
Ads are reviewed regularly and the rating of your ad may change at any point during circulation. However, this will usually happen within a short period after your ad has been created or edited. New ads will automatically receive a rating of 2 until reviewed. Ads with a lower rating score will receive less circulation (i.e. an ad with a rating of 4 will display once for every 4-6 times an ad with a rating of 1 is displayed). Ad ratings are used within the ad circulation system and are never displayed outside your ad settings screen.
What are online timesheets & project management?
Online timesheets and project management are an account bonus utility for suppliers, free for up to 15 employee records. Your own customized module with direct access bypassing the projects portal, allowing you to track project activity and most importantly project labor hours.

You have the ability to set individual employee access as needed, including third party payroll processing access. Your employees can log in to your company timesheet & projects module to input their daily hours worked and assign them to a project, from any computer or mobile device with internet access.
What is a public profile link?
A public (custom) profile link is a way to directly link to your online ServisKEY profile bypassing the the encoding sequence used to locate and generate your profile for consumers and visitors. It provides a way for you to establish links back to your profile from your own web site or other social sites, using and promoting your company name:
I can't access some functions, I keep receiving account error messages?
There is a problem with the information you supplied for your account. Either follow the link from within the error message, or navigate to your account settings screen and supply or update the missing information there. While your account information remains incomplete your access will be limited and your ability to receive project invitations and emails notifications may be restricted.
Can I disable email notification?
Yes, from your account settings screen click on the email notification icon to disable email notifications. Please keep in mind that by doing so you will not receive any notices of posted projects, and as a result will not be included in project invite scans by consumers while this setting is in place.
How does the ServisKEY operational licensing system work?
Suppliers are requested to submit their operational licensing information and have it readily available online. Whether you are a contractor, distributor, or engineer, in most cases a license to operate in the designated area and category is required. Operational licensing is a matter of public record, and should be made readily available to any persons requesting your services. As a supplier it is in your best interest to make this information available to all who may be considering your services, including additional information to easily validate licensing status.

The easier it is for a consumer to view and validate your licensing, the more inclined they will be to hire. In some instances licensing may not apply, however for most it is a requirement and ServisKEY has made it easy for both you to input, and consumers to access and view, your licensing information. Preset links are included for most state/provincial licensing authorities, additional licensing category presets are being added continuously.

The accuracy, validity and completeness of your licensing information may affect your eligibility to participate in consumer posted projects.
How do I submit my licensing information?
  A: To input your licensing information, please navigate to your supplier settings screen and scroll down to the "operational licensing" tab (even if licensing does not apply for your services, proceed to the licensing summary screen and indicate there that licensing is not required, this will remove the warning message from your settings screen).

The Add Categories screen will display all the zones and services categories as indicated by you on your service profile. Select all that apply for licensing and proceed to input your license specifics.

Dependant on licensing category, zone and availability you may be provided with preset licensing authority and validation links. If so you need simply select the applicable preset and provide your certificate information. If presets are currently unavailable, or if they do not apply, select Manual and you will be prompted to input this information on the subsequent screen.

When using Manual input please remember to include full names for the issuing authority (Issued By:), including full URL's for their home website (Home Link:), and most importantly a direct link to the page on their site that allows consumers to search for and validate your certificate (Verification Link:).
How do I modify / update my licensing information
Links are provided from within the licensing summary screen for you to change any of your licensing parameters as needed, including specifying you licensing areas (region / county / city / town) when state or provincial licensing does not apply, or service sub-categories if needed.

Links in orange indicate certain information may be missing for your licensing type.
What do the chart lines mean, why do they appear to change for past months?
Profile activity and performance charts are designed to assist suppliers in gauging the month-to-month activity for key aspects of their services listing and general activity on ServisKEY. In an effort to provide a clearer picture of movement and trends, charts display value changes in percentages, vs. actual counts. Furthermore, a moving average is used which is dynamically calculated at every data refresh.

Moving Averages
A moving average is, as the name suggests, an average value that continually changes, or moves. All this really means is that the average, or base, value that chart percentages reference to is re-calculated each time a data set is loaded using current values as well as past. As such this can have an effect on values and trends from prior months aside from current month fluctuations. As an example, if views for June were 150, July 300, and August 150, the average for the 3 months would be 200. Simple enough. Now if we are 15 days into September and our views are 200 then the entire month forecast would be 400, giving us a new average of 250. The percent change for June @ 150 would move significantly from a 250 baseline, vs. the previous 200. This helps establish a clearer trend-line of activity over a period of 4 months. Base (average) values are represented by the zero (0) on vertical axis.
Percent (%) Change
Monthly change values are calculated based on the difference in base (moving average) and unit counts. In the above example June would show a decrease in activity of 25% using the 3-month average of 200, but would change in September to -40% with the newly calculated average. Activity counts are calculated and displayed for the prior 3-month period (full), + current month.
Legend & Tooltips
Each series line will have tooltip bubbles that on mouseover will display the line legend, percent change, and count values (in parenthesis).

Why am I seeing a higher (%) change for the current month even though counts are lower?

As mentioned in the example above, the current month (%) change values are forecast trends which in turn means forecast counts. If on September 15th views are at 200, then the forecast total views for that month would be 400. The (%) change value displayed on the chart will represent this anticipated change for the entire month. Naturally this value will adjust as the month progresses.
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