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Support reference for Supplier :: Projects

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Support Supplier :: Projects
I've signed in to my supplier account, how do I search for projects?
  A: The ServisKEY system is designed to eliminate manual project searching and will automatically notify you when a new project is posted that is within your geographical area of service and requires your expertise and/or goods. New and current projects will display on your projects portal automatically (My KEY > Projects Home link from the side navigation bar) as they become available. From here you can view project details and respond to the ones that interest you.

In some cases an email alert may not arrive and certain projects may not display on your portal screen. This may occur when sufficient suppliers were found with greater ranking priority (please read here to understand the invitation system), and were invited to respond. Once a project has invited suppliers it is restricted from access for a period of 48hrs, after which other interested and qualified suppliers can also respond, provided the project is still open and the consumer is accepting responses.

If you wish to search for projects for whom the invitation restriction has expired, please use the "search projects" button from your portal screen.
How do I navigate the supplier projects screen?
Supplier Portal icon and visual navigation cues (most icons when clicked have a navigation function)

/ Navigate to the main project (standard / rush) detail screen. In most cases this icon will be replaced by one of the six market category icons below.
Navigate to project dialog screen and submit a response or view all responses for a project.

Residential Residential project. Click to view details.
Commercial Commercial or Institutional project. Click to view details.
Industrial Industrial project. Click to view details.
Retail Retail or wholesale project. Click to view details.
Hospitality Hospitality / restaurant project. Click to view details.
Agricultural Agricultural / farm project. Click to view details.

Preferred Invitation. You have been designated by the consumer as a preferred supplier for this project.
Subcontract offer. Project usually published by a contractor to hire other suppliers to assist with a project.
Feedback. Navigate to the feedback screen to rate your consumer for this project.

Project online and open for responses.
Project online, paused (responses blocked). If you already have a dialog, or are a requested supplier, you can still respond to this consumer.
Project closed by consumer, completed
Project closed by consumer, uncompleted.

Project services request. A consumer request for you to accept their project. Click to confirm or decline the request.
Project services request accepted by you.
Project services request declined by you. Click this icon to change to accepted.

Report Content. Navigate to the content form to report inappropriate or abusive content.
What happens when I respond to a project listing?
The consumer will receive your response, both via email and on their projects portal. Once you do respond, they will have access to your online profile, will be able to review your company information, qualifications, and ServisKEY rating. It is now up to the consumer to respond back and initiate a dialog (if licensing does apply for some or all of the services you provide, it is strongly recommended you ensure this information is complete and up to date).
What if I don't hear back from a consumer project I've responded to?
In most cases that consumer has already secured the suppliers they need for their project and may not be interested in any more responses/suppliers.
How often can I communicate with a consumer through the ServisKEY system?
Once a consumer responds in turn to your initial response, and opens a dialog, you can communicate as much as needed with that consumer on that project. Once a project closes and you are not a designated supplier for that project, please refrain from any further communication attempts.
What if I've received a request for services?
This means that a consumer is interested in your services for their project. In other words, they are indicating that they would like to hire you. You should click on the services request icon to accept (or decline) this request. By accepting their request through the ServisKEY system you will gain the ability to leave feedback for your consumer, who can in turn provide feedback for you once the project is closed.
Further project arrangements can be made by communicating directly with the consumer.
What if I am not getting very many project notifications and there are very few displaying on my projects portal?
Projects invitations will only come if and when a consumer decides to send them out for their project. However projects will display on your portal regardless of invitations being transmitted. If you are seeing very few projects, it may be that your account settings are too narrow, specifically you are exposed to a very narrow consumer base by way of the markets you are targeting, or if you have a very small geographical area of operation.
Also, please keep in mind that once you create an account you will not see any projects that are currently posted, but will have to wait for consumers to post new projects, or to rescan the supplier database for their current projects, with you now included, for the project to display on your portal.
What if I am receiving too many project notifications and am too busy at this time to deal with them?
If this is the case, simply disable project notifications from your account settings screen. This will prevent project notifications from arriving to your inbox if you do not have the time to pursue them at the moment. Once your work load moderates sign in and enable project notifications to include yourself in project scans/invitations and to continue receiving new project alerts.
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