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Support reference for General :: Ratings & Reviews

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Support General :: Ratings & Reviews
How does the Rating & Review system work?
Ratings & reviews are an important part of the ServisKEY feedback system. Together they form the components that help establish a suppliers' or consumers' track record, making it easier to evaluate their reputation.
no ratings yet (ghost key) additional supplier metrics also include:
1 - 49 ratings (green key)
Bookmarks / Recommendations
An independent metric to help gauge supplier reach / popularity
50 - 249 ratings (gold key)
250 - 500 ratings (blue key)
500+ ratings (orange key)
Along with every review is the rating score. One of the most important pieces of the feedback system, it is the number in parenthesis displayed for each user together with a color coded key. The higher the rating count, the more positive ratings a user has received. Color keys will change as ratings increase, all the way up to orange with a rating count over 500!
Ratings Components
2 Project Clarity 4 Communication
3 Project Accessibility 5 Payment / Terms
2 Professionalism 4 Communication
3 Workmanship / Quality 5 On Time / Budget
* ratings and reviews are submitted by registered consumers and suppliers participating on a common project.
When can I leave feedback?
You can leave feedback in the form of a service rating score and written review once a project is closed. A reminder message will display on your account screen indicating project(s) you participated in have been closed and require your feedback.
I've submitted feedback for a project but nothing is displaying?
Reviews and ratings will not display for any one project until all parties involved on that project have contributed. Your review needs to be left within 45 days of a project close, or your right to do so will expire and all reviews already contributed by other parties for that project will display.
If a party did not participate in a project, can they still leave feedback?
Yes they can. Once a supplier has been requested for a project and in turn accepts that project, both the consumer and supplier can leave feedback, even if the consumer indicates that supplier did not ultimately participate in (or complete) the project.
Who can leave feedback?
Feedback (service ratings and review) can be left by both Consumers and Suppliers that participated in any one project, for that project. It is possible to leave lower level reviews on projects and experiences outside this site, however those reviews are subject to manual authentication and user filtering.
Will the consumer review I receive reflect on my supplier account, and vice-versa?
No. When you hold both account types consumer reviews received from other suppliers are kept separate from any supplier reviews you may receive from other consumers.
Q: What is review filtering and how does it apply to my profile?
  A: ServisKEY recognizes the importance of online reviews, and the challenges sometimes associated with obtaining and maintaining good reviews, not to mention the impact these words can have on business. To assist suppliers in managing their reviews we have implemented a review filtering system allowing 1 written review to be blocked from display for every 5 received. This filtering is applicable on L2/L3 level reviews.

Concerned about the impact on transparency and credibility with a system like this? This filtering is not possible on L1 type reviews (reviews for projects completed through this site), which are the core of this system. In an effort to further build on them we have made it possible for users to submit reviews on projects and experiences outside this site, categorizing those reviews as L2/L3 (lower weight due to one-way project references). We feel a summary of L1 reviews supplemented with 80-100% of the contributed L2/L3 reviews are sufficient to paint an accurate picture of a suppliers professionalism and dedication to service, their overall consumer satisfaction.
Q: What are L1/L2/L3 review levels?
  A: ServisKEY tries to make it easy for all users wishing to submit a supplier review based on their experiences on or off this site. For this purpose a multi-tier review system is implemented applying varying weights ranging from high (L1) for projects referenced through this site, and medium/low (L2/L3) for those referenced off this site. To maintain relevancy and review integrity additional requirements and restrictions are in place for lower level (L2/L3) reviews.

L1 Reviews - are top level reviews and make up the core of the rating and review system. These reviews and associated ratings can only be submitted by users involved on a common project referenced through this site, and once that project has been closed. L1 reviews will not display until all parties of a common project have contributed, or the review submission period has expired.

L2 Reviews - are lower level reviews submitted by registered users having no common project reference through this site and as such are subject to manual authentication and user filtering. Unlike L1 reviews, the user being reviewed and rated has the option of blocking (filtering) 1 of these authenticated submissions for every 5 received.

L3 Reviews - same as L2 but submitted by anonymous (verified) users not wishing to create a free consumer account.

ServisKEY reserves the right to authenticate, investigate and block any submitted review at its sole discretion.
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