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Support reference for General :: Projects

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Support General :: Projects
What type of projects can I publish?
You can publish any type of construction, renovation or service request project that would require the assistance of a contractor or other service provider. Whether you have a home repair problem, or require a complete kitchen or office renovation, you can confidentially solicit contractors, services and distributors in your area.
How secure is my contact information when I publish a project?
Your contact information remains hidden from all viewers when you publish a project. Information that is displayed, aside from project specifics and requirements, is your city and closest major intersection c/w your userID and ServisKEY consumer rating.

Contact information becomes available only once you have commenced a dialog with a supplier and indicated during the course of that dialog that you wish to forward your contact information to that supplier, or upon your requesting services from a supplier, at which point your contact information will become available automatically.
Is there a charge to publish a project?
  A: Standard project submissions are always free. A standard project submission is any project that you publish for either the residential market (as a homeowner) or agricultural (farmer). There is a nominal fee for all project categories (markets) if file uploading is required (i.e. project images and documents).

Depending on your project type, and area / category of service, some commercial, industrial and institutional project publications may carry a submission fee.
How are suppliers matched with projects?
  A: In place of consumers searching for suppliers, and suppliers searching for available projects - an automated process is applied with an invitation algorithm to connect consumers with the most appropriate suppliers, and in turn invite (notify) suppliers directly of these new projects.

The ServisKEY Project Invitation System compiles suppliers based on relevance for every project submitted. To optimize this process suppliers are ranked using numerous criteria to establish invitation sequence for each project category. Some of the invitation parameters used include:
  • Service Priority - when a project requires service B, suppliers specialized in service B will rank ahead of suppliers listed as providing services primarily for A but also include B, followed by those providing a wider range A, B, C, D ...
  • Service Proximity - if a project is located in area B, suppliers servicing and located in area B will rank ahead of suppliers also servicing area B but located in area A, or C ...
  • Satisfaction Rating - applied using weighted averages. A greater rating count will put more emphasis on the suppliers' rating value while not penalizing newer (unrated) accounts.
  • Availability – based on aggregate data from supplier responses including location and category. If project responses from contractors in category A are significantly lower than responses from other contractor categories from the same area, the number of invited contractors per project from category A will increase as that contractor segment appears to be busy at the moment.
  • Project Filters – Set by consumers, suppliers will be omitted if not meeting specific project requirements such as insurance, licensing, bonding, etc.

The above are some basic examples comprising one part of a formula and are by no means the entire story. The purpose of the invitation system and algorithm is to provide an efficient connect process for both consumer and supplier, to help streamline the response process and minimize excessive (and in some cases even unwanted) project input and dialog.

Once a project has been opened or its status reset, invited suppliers are provided a 48hr window in which to submit an initial response. If the project has not been closed after this time other interested and qualified suppliers may also submit a response right from the projects search screen. Interested suppliers can navigate from their projects portal using the "search projects" button which will display any additional projects for whom the invitation wait has expired with matching primary service categories and zone.

Invitation placement cannot be requested or purchased, suppliers are invited using best match search results on project location and requirements.
Why am I seeing listings for suppliers outside my immediate area or even state/province?
Suppliers may display as active for your area even though their physical address is located at a significant distance from your project / service area, and in some cases in another state or province. This usually means that the supplier has listed under one master account using one physical address as their headquarters, with local satellite or franchise operations in your area prepared to provide the full services and and / or goods as stated. Click on the supplier name to view all services offered and areas covered.
How do the manual search settings work and what do they mean?
  A: ServisKEY provides a fully automated system to locate and source suppliers for your project or service needs. Manual search is an option if you wish to perform this task yourself and build a list of preferred suppliers to use for your project, contact them directly from this site, or search promotions and projects. To do this go to any manual search screen using the Search links on the navigation menu, the following search and filtering options are available:

Zone - your general project location (state or province). This setting is required to initiate a search. City/Area - narrow your target location to the nearest city. Setting this option enables distance display for results (see below).

Category - the primary service category. This setting is also required to initiate a search. Sub Category - refine your services search.

Sort by - auto sort (default) will sort listings using multiple parameters for optimum results (a simplified version of the supplier invitation algorithm). Sort by relevance will put emphasis on supplier specialized services, ratings and similar parameters with less consideration for distance (date published is used for promotions). Sort by distance is reverse to the above.

Distance - distance is displayed in either miles or kilometers and will depend on zone/area (auto) or user settings. This value will display on the results heading only when a selection has been made from the city/area field. Distance is calculated to represent the geographical span between two points (street routing is not taken into consideration), point A is either the average or political center of the city/area selected, point B is the supplier physical address.

How do I use information from my Homestyler design to source contractors and services?

Once you have completed your new project layout, save your work and from the Homestyler application menu bar click Shopping List > View Shopping List to print a copy of your design items and materials. With this list in hand you should have sufficient information to determine the trades and suppliers you will need for your project.

Next click on Design & Build Your Project from the very top ServisKEY title bar (a new window will open - you will not lose any unsaved Homestyler changes). From the Search Services input screen you can begin to compile the services you will need to complete your project using common keywords to quickly locate trade categories. For example, if your project requires ceramic flooring then simply type in "floor installation", or "ceramic flooring contractors", or any similar keyword variation. Select the required trade category then enter keywords for the next category if needed and click "Scan Services" (your previous selections will be saved).

You can narrow down your service category search by selecting a primary supply category to search in such as "Trades", "General (General Contractors)", "Services", and so on. Once you have compiled your service categories, click "Create Project" and you're on your way.

Alternatively you can enter an all-inclusive project title such as "Complete kitchen renovation", select the general contractor > renovations category and you're off to the next step.

Once your free project is created on ServisKEY you can upload your Homestyler design. From the Homestyler application menu bar click File > and select an export option: DWG or Image, and proceed to save your new design to local disk. Once you have saved your layout you can upload and link to it as part of your ServisKEY project description, giving contractors and suppliers a clearer idea of what your project will require.

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