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 Hourly Rate Estimator for Services in Maine

Hourly Rate Estimator  
Average service rates for state / province **
 CT   ID   MD   NC   NY   SC   WA   NT 
 AK   DC   IL   ME   ND   OH   SD   WI   AB   NU 
 AL   DE   IN   MI   NE   OK   TN   WV   BC   ON 
 AR   FL   KS   MN   NH   OR   TX   WY   MB   PE 
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 CO   IA   MA   MT   NV   RI   VT     NS   YT 
LRa = Low Rate Average       HRa = High Rate Average       OTx = Overtime Multiplier       SCm = Minimum Hours Billed (service call / rush)
(Low Rate normally applies to larger projects with continuous work for weeks or months, High Rate is for very small projects or service calls)
Serving Maine


  Component Chart LRa RATE HRa OTx SCm      
  COMMUNICATIONS $55.00 $68.75 $82.50 1.5 1.5 Find Communications Contractors in Maine Promotions by Communications Contractors in Maine Projects by Communications Contractors in Maine
  CONCRETE $100.00 $187.50 $275.00 1.0 1.0 Find Concrete Contractors in Maine Promotions by Concrete Contractors in Maine Projects by Concrete Contractors in Maine
  ELECTRICAL $50.00 $62.50 $75.00 1.5 1.5 Find Electrical Contractors in Maine Promotions by Electrical Contractors in Maine Projects by Electrical Contractors in Maine
  HVAC $98.00 $114.00 $130.00 1.0 1.0 Find HVAC Contractors in Maine Promotions by HVAC Contractors in Maine Projects by HVAC Contractors in Maine
  INSULATION $75.00 $100.00 $125.00 2.0 2.0 Find Insulation Contractors in Maine Promotions by Insulation Contractors in Maine Projects by Insulation Contractors in Maine
  ROOFING $65.00 $107.50 $150.00 1.5 1.5 Find Roofing Contractors in Maine Promotions by Roofing Contractors in Maine Projects by Roofing Contractors in Maine
These values have low aggregate data available and may carry a higher margin of error.
Masonry Contractor
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  Component Chart LRa RATE HRa OTx SCm      
  ENERGY SOLUTIONS $79.50 $104.50 $129.50 1.0 1.0 Find Energy Solutions  in Maine Promotions by Energy Solutions  in Maine Projects by Energy Solutions  in Maine
** values displayed are approximate averages for project budgeting purposes only, actual hourly rates and fees will vary

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