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How are suppliers matched with projects?
A: In place of consumers searching for suppliers, and suppliers searching for available projects - an automated process is applied with an invitation algorithm to connect consumers with the most appropriate suppliers, and in turn invite (notify) suppliers directly of these new projects.

The ServisKEY Project Invitation System compiles suppliers based on relevance for every project submitted. To optimize this process suppliers are ranked using numerous criteria to establish invitation sequence for each project category. Some of the invitation parameters used include:
  • Service Priority - when a project requires service B, suppliers specialized in service B will rank ahead of suppliers listed as providing services primarily for A but also include B, followed by those providing a wider range A, B, C, D ...
  • Service Proximity - if a project is located in area B, suppliers servicing and located in area B will rank ahead of suppliers also servicing area B but located in area A, or C ...
  • Satisfaction Rating - applied using weighted averages. A greater rating count will put more emphasis on the suppliers' rating value while not penalizing newer (unrated) accounts.
  • Availability – based on aggregate data from supplier responses including location and category. If project responses from contractors in category A are significantly lower than responses from other contractor categories from the same area, the number of invited contractors per project from category A will increase as that contractor segment appears to be busy at the moment.
  • Project Filters – Set by consumers, suppliers will be omitted if not meeting specific project requirements such as insurance, licensing, bonding, etc.

The above are some basic examples comprising one part of a formula and are by no means the entire story. The purpose of the invitation system and algorithm is to provide an efficient connect process for both consumer and supplier, to help streamline the response process and minimize excessive (and in some cases even unwanted) project input and dialog.

Once a project has been opened or its status reset, invited suppliers are provided a 48hr window in which to submit an initial response. If the project has not been closed after this time other interested and qualified suppliers may also submit a response right from the projects search screen. Interested suppliers can navigate from their projects portal using the "search projects" button which will display any additional projects for whom the invitation wait has expired with matching primary service categories and zone.

Invitation placement cannot be requested or purchased, suppliers are invited using best match search results on project location and requirements.
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