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How do the manual search settings work and what do they mean?
A: ServisKEY provides a fully automated system to locate and source suppliers for your project or service needs. Manual search is an option if you wish to perform this task yourself and build a list of preferred suppliers to use for your project, contact them directly from this site, or search promotions and projects. To do this go to any manual search screen using the Search links on the navigation menu, the following search and filtering options are available:

Zone - your general project location (state or province). This setting is required to initiate a search. City/Area - narrow your target location to the nearest city. Setting this option enables distance display for results (see below).

Category - the primary service category. This setting is also required to initiate a search. Sub Category - refine your services search.

Sort by - auto sort (default) will sort listings using multiple parameters for optimum results (a simplified version of the supplier invitation algorithm). Sort by relevance will put emphasis on supplier specialized services, ratings and similar parameters with less consideration for distance (date published is used for promotions). Sort by distance is reverse to the above.

Distance - distance is displayed in either miles or kilometers and will depend on zone/area (auto) or user settings. This value will display on the results heading only when a selection has been made from the city/area field. Distance is calculated to represent the geographical span between two points (street routing is not taken into consideration), point A is either the average or political center of the city/area selected, point B is the supplier physical address.

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