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How does the Rating & Review system work?
Ratings & reviews are an important part of the ServisKEY feedback system. Together they form the components that help establish a suppliers' or consumers' track record, making it easier to evaluate their reputation.
no ratings yet (ghost key) additional supplier metrics also include:
1 - 49 ratings (green key)
Bookmarks / Recommendations
An independent metric to help gauge supplier reach / popularity
50 - 249 ratings (gold key)
250 - 500 ratings (blue key)
500+ ratings (orange key)
Along with every review is the rating score. One of the most important pieces of the feedback system, it is the number in parenthesis displayed for each user together with a color coded key. The higher the rating count, the more positive ratings a user has received. Color keys will change as ratings increase, all the way up to orange with a rating count over 500!
Ratings Components
2 Project Clarity 4 Communication
3 Project Accessibility 5 Payment / Terms
2 Professionalism 4 Communication
3 Workmanship / Quality 5 On Time / Budget
* ratings and reviews are submitted by registered consumers and suppliers participating on a common project.
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