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How do I use information from my Homestyler design to source contractors and services?

Once you have completed your new project layout, save your work and from the Homestyler application menu bar click Shopping List > View Shopping List to print a copy of your design items and materials. With this list in hand you should have sufficient information to determine the trades and suppliers you will need for your project.

Next click on Design & Build Your Project from the very top ServisKEY title bar (a new window will open - you will not lose any unsaved Homestyler changes). From the Search Services input screen you can begin to compile the services you will need to complete your project using common keywords to quickly locate trade categories. For example, if your project requires ceramic flooring then simply type in "floor installation", or "ceramic flooring contractors", or any similar keyword variation. Select the required trade category then enter keywords for the next category if needed and click "Scan Services" (your previous selections will be saved).

You can narrow down your service category search by selecting a primary supply category to search in such as "Trades", "General (General Contractors)", "Services", and so on. Once you have compiled your service categories, click "Create Project" and you're on your way.

Alternatively you can enter an all-inclusive project title such as "Complete kitchen renovation", select the general contractor > renovations category and you're off to the next step.

Once your free project is created on ServisKEY you can upload your Homestyler design. From the Homestyler application menu bar click File > and select an export option: DWG or Image, and proceed to save your new design to local disk. Once you have saved your layout you can upload and link to it as part of your ServisKEY project description, giving contractors and suppliers a clearer idea of what your project will require.

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