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Q: How are contractors (suppliers) pre-screened?
A: ServisKEY employs a singular approach to screening contractors and services (suppliers). In place of performing individual item checks (we believe in some cases perhaps an inefficient approach), on supplier criminal records, liability insurance, etc., supplier credibility and qualifications are determined via licensing. Why? We leave it to the experts - local licensing authorities. Most if not all licensing bodies will require a clean criminal record and adequate liability insurance (and in some cases more) prior to issuing and/or renewing an operating license.

A comprehensive list of links to licensing authority web sites for verification are maintained online by ServisKEY. Suppliers are required to submit their licensing data and maintain a link for ready consumer verification straight from their online profile. With one click consumers have access to verify licensing validity which in turn will cover most other pertinent supplier business and service qualifications. In situations where standard operational licensing does not apply, checks are performed for the primary components.

In addition, supplier recognition and online reputation metrics are used to help establish a suppliers public reach and reputation, and perhaps the single most important component - ratings and reviews from customers on prior projects. Suppliers are universally interested on establishing and maintaining a solid online reputation!
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