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Q: What is review filtering and how does it apply to my profile?
A: ServisKEY recognizes the importance of online reviews, and the challenges sometimes associated with obtaining and maintaining good reviews, not to mention the impact these words can have on business. To assist suppliers in managing their reviews we have implemented a review filtering system allowing 1 written review to be blocked from display for every 5 received. This filtering is applicable on L2/L3 level reviews.

Concerned about the impact on transparency and credibility with a system like this? This filtering is not possible on L1 type reviews (reviews for projects completed through this site), which are the core of this system. In an effort to further build on them we have made it possible for users to submit reviews on projects and experiences outside this site, categorizing those reviews as L2/L3 (lower weight due to one-way project references). We feel a summary of L1 reviews supplemented with 80-100% of the contributed L2/L3 reviews are sufficient to paint an accurate picture of a suppliers professionalism and dedication to service, their overall consumer satisfaction.
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